Wholesale Manufacturer of Quality Fresh & Salt Water Aquariums,
Reptile Enclosures, Wood Cabinet Stands and related accessory products.

Serving the Great State of Texas and surrounding areas.

We maintain an experienced employee crew that has been in this industry for many years.
We have 2 divisions, one for all Woodworking products and the other for all Glass/Enclosure related products.
This separation provides us with greater manufacturing efficiencies.

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Warranty Info:

Ocean Aquatics Aquariums are guaranteed from manufacturing and material defects by Ocean Aquatics for a period of one year from the original date of purchase only when purchased with an Ocean Aquatics wood stand. The warranty is voided if any other brand of stand is utilized.
Ocean Aquatics does not warrant any damage to the aquarium or stand during transport of any kind. During aquarium and stand installation, the stand, not the aquarium, is to be leveled and shimmed where necessary. Do not shim the aquarium itself. This warranty is limited to the value of the aquarium only, and does not cover collateral damage to any other animate or material objects.
In order to execute the warranty of your Ocean Aquatics product, complete and mail a copy of the warranty document to Ocean Aquatics corporate address along with a copy of the original sales receipt from your local retailer within 10 days of your purchase. Both tank and stand must be purchased at the same time, and specified on this receipt. Ocean Aquatics will not warrant a tank that is placed on any other brand of stand.